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Task 1:



The table illustrates the average snow depth happened in a specific ski resort in Canada in consecutive 3 years from November to April.

Overall, we can conclude that in 3 particular months such as February, March, April, the amount of snow drop is considerably high compared to other 3 months (November, December, and January)

To be specific, In November, there is a depth of 100 cm happened in Ski resort. This number fall slightly in year 2 and rise small to 120 cm in year 3. However, difference from the speed of change in November, in December, there are a considerable change between each year. For instance, there is a drop of 70 cm between year 1 and year 2, but this number rise significantly again to 150 cm in year 3. In January, in year 1, there is a consideration of 150 cm snow depth in ski resort. This number fall slightly and increase again to 170 cm in year 3.

Going to the next 3 months, there are a high different compared to November, December and January, the depth of snow is significantly higher. For example, in February. the depth of snow in year 1 is 440 cm but it dropped dramatically to 350 cm in year 3. Similar change to March, there is a drop of 100 cm of snow depth from year 1 to year 3 ( from 450 cm to 350 cm in total). However, in April, there is an increase between year 1 and year 2 when the statistics increase 50 cm (410 cm, and 460 cm, respectively), then it falls significantly to 300cm in year 3.

To conclude, a report show that there is a hugh difference between snow depth in the first 3 months and the final 3 months next year


Task 2:

Crimes committed by young people are increasing in major cities throughout the world. Discuss the causes and how to solve this problem.



It is true that nowadays more and more adolescents have been committed to crime and this number is rising specifically in the major cities over the world. Several problems have resulted from this tendency and they should be tackled
by a number of effective solutions from the government and citizens in that cities as well

There are two primary reasons why the crime become so popular among the young generation. First of all, the existence of TV, computer game should be listed. Young children nowadays can not discriminate between good or bad things, they always have to expose with such a large amount of violent show, crime movies and they thought it's going to be cool if they become one of them. That's is the reason why adolescents are interested in mimic their favourite character and commit crimes. Secondly, it's important to conclude parent's children as a cause for this situation. Some parents today are keen on working from 5-9pm and don't actually pay their attention to their children. In some research also said that children receiving no affection from their parents could easily commit to crimes than others.

Since such issues are serious, the government and individuals should take steps immediately to address these problems. The first solution would be taking censorship into these TV programs as said before. As a consequence, young people could gain less opportunities to expose to unhealthy content in TV and computer which prevent them from studying anything bad in that kinds of entertainment. Furthermore, parent should take part in these problem based on spending more time with their children, listening and sharing with them about their problems in life and guide them to solve it. It is important for the parents to express much emotions with children so that they feel being loved and tackle bad mindset of committing crimes in them.

In conclusion, it is clear that there are various reasons for the problem of young people increasing in committing crimes in major cities, and steps need to be taken to tackle this problem.


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