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  1. Pursue a passion (verb phrase) /pəˈsjuː ə ˈpæʃ.ən/ theo đuổi đam mê to follow something you are really interested

  2. Shape a behavior (verb phrase) /ʃeɪp ə bɪˈheɪ.vjɚ/ hình thành tác phong to gradually make someone behave in a specific way

  3. Take a wrong path (verb phrase) /teɪk ə rɒŋ pɑːθ/ đi theo con đường sai trái (nghĩa bóng) to act or do something wrong

  4. Stimulate the development (verb phrase) /ˈstɪm.jə.leɪt ðə dɪˈvel.əp.mənt/ kích thích sự phát triển to encourage growth

  5. Build an effective partnership (verb phrase) /bɪld ən ɪˈfek.tɪv ˈpɑːt.nə.ʃɪp/ xây dựng sự hợp tác hiệu quả to create a successful connection and relationship 

  6. Keep one's own counsel (idiom) /ki:p wʌnz əʊn ˈkaʊn.səl/ giữ kín quan điểm, suy nghĩ to not say what your opinions are

  7. Tower of strength (idiom) điểm tựa, chỗ dựa (nghĩa bóng) /taʊər əv streŋθ/ a person who gives you help and support when you are in a difficult situation



Questions Answers
  1. Do you have any special talent?

  • I can sing quite well. It's, in fact, my greatest passion. I’ve always wanted to be a global sensation since I was small. 

  • I love to draw. I don't know if I can call it a talent, but my friends always give me praise. Everything around me gives me a lot of inspiration. 

  1. Who discovered your special ability?

  • It was my sister who discovered my ability to sing when I performed in front of my whole family. They were really astonished, actually, because no one in my family has ever worked or had interest in this field before. 

  • My teacher accidentally realized my ability when I randomly drew in my textbook. And I really want to thank my teacher because without her, I would’ve known I have a weakness for drawing. 

  1. Does everyone support you to pursue what you're good at?

  • Sadly, my parents don't want me to develop my singing skill. They want me to focus on school and become a good doctor in the future.

  • Yes, they’re really supportive. And I can freely pursue my passion for painting. I think it’s because my dad is really into drawing, too. But he doesn’t have time and money to follow that career path. 

  1. Can you freely express your opinions at home and school?

  • I’m not sure. To me, I tend to keep my own counsel. I don’t want to be a center of attention. 

  • Yes, I can. Maybe because I study in an international school and my parents are quite open-minded.

  1. Who do you think plays a more important role in a child’s development, teachers or parents?

  • I think both parents and teachers play equally important roles. They should both be children's towers of strength.

  • I lean toward parents because they are the first educators, who shape children's behaviors from the first steps.

  1. Is it good to force children to do what they don’t like?

  • It depends. If the children take a wrong path, it's better to force them. Because after all, the root of education comes from parents, and they take responsibility for guiding their kids. 

  • I don't think so. It's like preventing them from being creative. I’ve noticed that those who come from a family with less pressure tend to be more successful. 

  1. What can teachers and parents do to inspire children?

  • I think they should treat children like a friend and talk to them more to find out their weaknesses and strengths.

  • I suppose that teachers and parents should prepare fun activities to stimulate their development.

  1. What is your recommendation to improve education in Vietnam?

  • I suggest teachers and parents should build an effective partnership to take care of a child.

  • Instead of being forced, children should be encouraged. This can help them fully develop.


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