Mẫu câu hỏi và trả lời hay nhất chủ đề người nổi tiếng (Celebrity)

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Mẫu câu hỏi và trả lời hay nhất chủ đề người nổi tiếng (Celebrity)





Do you admire any celebrities?

● Yes! I admire a lot of famous actors and actresses in the Marvel series.

● Of course! I’m a big fan of Chinese music and quite a few Chinese singers are my idols.

Do what they do or say have any impacts on you?

● Yes! Whenever they make a public statement about a problem, I always rethink and consider coming over to their opinions over this problem.

● Not always! I will support their actions and their statements if I agree with them. However, I will still hold onto my opinions if their opinions go against mine.

Should celebrities always be our role models?

● Yes! They are famous and therefore what they do and say is always standard, so it’s understandable that we should follow their lead. 

● Not always! Many celebrities gain certain notoriety for their scandalous personal life and it’s too dangerous to consider them as your role model.

When should we follow a celebrity’s lead?

● If a celebrity is a good role model with positive actions like joining charity events, helping war victims, etc, we should follow his or her lead.

● Of course when they are good role models but we really need to learn to realize what is good and what is bad rather than put blind faith in all celebrities.

When should celebrities not be our role models?

● When celebrities intentionally make misleading statements to capture the public’s attention and gain their fame, they shouldn’t be your role models.

● When their actions and statements are considered bad in your culture, you shouldn’t follow their lead or else you’ll get into trouble.

How can society benefit if a celebrity is a good role model?

●  If they are good models, they can help to make our society become more civilized as people will follow their good lead.

● Celebrities have big influences on the public and their power can contribute to spreading good ideas and getting rid of negative deep-seated thinking.

How can a celebrity who is a  negative role model badly affect our society?

● If they are negative models with many wrongdoings, they can cause moral degradation problems in our society.

● Celebrities are often admired by many children and their bad actions can mislead children, the future of our society, into misbehaving.

Do you think celebrities should have the responsibility to be a good role model?

● Yes! Because they are widely influential, they should have the responsibility to control their actions and statements not to mislead people.

● I don’t think so! Everyone has the right to live in their own way, and celebrities shouldn’t be forced to shoulder this responsibility.


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