Mẫu câu hỏi và trả lời Tiếng Anh hay nhất chủ đề phân biệt (discrimination)

  • Tác giả Thanh Tuyen

  • Ngày đăng 13/ 07/ 2022

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Mẫu câu hỏi và trả lời Tiếng Anh hay nhất chủ đề phân biệt (discrimination)





Sample answers

  1. What are some stereotypes about Asian people that you know?

  • As far as I know, the most common stereotype about Asian people is that we are good at Math.

  • Many Western people think that Asian people, such as the Vietnamese, use chopsticks to eat almost everything.

  1. Do you have any prejudices?

  • Honestly speaking, I do have a lot of prejudices about some provinces in my country. But it's not nice to say it now.

  • I used to have many. But ever since I was a victim of them, I’ve changed myself and become an open-minded person.

  1. Have you ever been discriminated against?

  • Yes I have. It was 3 years ago when I first came to the USA. I was discriminated against by some classmates for being the only Asian in class. Those people were a pain in the neck.

  • Luckily, I have never in my life experienced that before. And I hope it won't happen to me.

  1. How do you handle that situation?

  • Besides the ones who discriminated against me, there were lots of friends who treated me very well. They helped me get through the hard time.

  • When I was a victim of discrimination in the company, I went to my manager and talked to him. 

  1. Is gender discrimination in the workplace a problem in your country?

  • I think even though we’re living in a modern word, gender discrimination in the workplaces is still an issue in Vietnam. 

  • Personally, I think regardless of the development of society, there still remain some people who experience gender discriminators at workplaces.

  1. Why does discrimination exist?

  • I think discrimination comes from the cross-cultural conflicts. When you don't know much about one culture, it is quite difficult for you to accept it.

  • I think discrimination exist because of the differences in how we see the world. 

  1. What should be done to stop discrimination? 

  • In my opinion, we can stop discrimination by educating people to respect others' differences. 

  • I personally think that we should report any action of discrimination to put an end to this problem.


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