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5 years   Online English Teacher

• Teaching young learners of all ages from toddlers aged 4 to teenagers, trained and certified to teach all modules of English for Kids, and experienced in teaching English for K12, Macmillan, National Geographic, and Oxford curriculums;

• Conducting exam preparation – all IELTS modules for both Academic and General, and TEFL preparation and simulation, also providing specialized or General English courses, not limited to Financial English, Business English, English for Law and others

• Acquired expertise using ClassIn, ManyCam, A classroom, Zoom, Skype

• Privileged to be a tutor ranked 5, the maximum rating with Acadsoc, and a Top Tutor of Acadsoc

• Constant top 10 members of the team of 100+ teachers that I’m part of according to the maximum rating KPY

 Consultant for Companies September 2007 – January 2019

• SME and corporate portfolio development and management for over 10 years, ranked as a top performer – exceeding KPI’s and building long –term partnerships with many reputed Romanian or international companies; one and a half year management activity as a Branch Manager

• Mentored different colleagues either in the day to day English correspondence and communication with both customers and internal decision-makers were also provided financial English guidance in drafting different job-related tasks • Represented the bank’s corporate team in several major conferences, fairs, and events • Coordinated a team of 4 colleagues and contributed to reaching the maximum Net Promoter Score and exceeding KPI’s

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