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Teacher Solly

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  • Ngày đăng 30/ 08/ 2021

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Teacher Solly

Teacher Solly of 11Bilingo

- Master of Secondary Education Major in English

- 3 years experience in teaching English both online and offline 

Hi! My name is Solly Suzanne Mugot. A licensed professional teacher.
I am a graduate of Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English.

Presently, I am a Secondary School Teacher in a Public institution since July 2018. I am handling English subjects for teenagers.

As for the online teaching, I have an eight months experience. My students are usually Level 0 but, I also taught adults and teenagers who were Levels 3-4.

I teach with passion. When it comes to kids, I make sure to provide instructional materials or props to hold their attention during the class. As for the teens, I make sure they try to express their own opinion in every topic to test their capacity and capability.
For the adults, I usually let them talk their hearts out. Let them talk freely so that they will feel at ease. This is for me to test and know how wide their vocabularies are and how well their grammar is.

So, that is how I teach different levels of students. 

Again, my name's Solly. I hope to be one of your teachers soon! Good day!

Sample class of teacher Solly.

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