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  1. NGO /ˌen.dʒiːˈəʊ/ (stand for “Non government organization”) Tổ chức phi chính phủ
  2. career opportunity /kəˈrɪər ˌɒp.əˈtʃuː.nə.ti/ (n) cơ hội nghề nghiệp
  3. hands-on experience  /ˌhændˈzɒn ɪkˈspɪə.ri.əns/ (n) kinh nghiệm thực tế
  4. broaden one’s social cycle /ˈbrɔː.dən wʌnz ˈsəʊ.ʃəl ˈsaɪ.kəl/ (phrase) mở rộng mối quan hệ
  5. nurture a dream /ˈnɜː.tʃər ə driːm/ nuôi dưỡng 1 giấc mơ
  6. Charity /ˈtʃærəti/ sự từ thiện
  7. Cognitive /ˈkɒɡnətɪv/ liên quan đến nhận thức
  8. Community /kəˈmjuːnəti / cộng đồng
  9. Considerable /kənˈsɪdərəbl/ lớn về số lượng, kích thước, tầm quan trọng, v.v
  10. Homeless /ˈhəʊmləs/ vô gia cư
  11. Illiteracy /ɪˈlɪtərəsi/ tình trạng mù chữ
  12. Miserable /ˈmɪzrəbl/ khốn cùng, cùng cực
  13. Martyr /ˈmɑːtə(r)/ liệt sĩ



Sample answers

1. Have you ever done unpaid work for a company or organization?

- I am always interested in working for NGOs but I have never had an opportunity to do it.

- I used to work on some student projects when I was a high school student.

- Sometimes, I engage in some environmental projects in my school.

- I used to work for an NGO for several months.

- I am currently a member of my school's volunteer club.

2. Are you likely to do any unpaid work in the future?

- If I have an opportunity, I will definitely do it.

- Since I've always wanted to work for an NGO, I am really looking forward to becoming a member of their organization in the future.

- Actually, I don’t have any plan for that but if I have a chance, I will consider it.

-  As I used to engage in so many projects before, I currently want to do different things.

- Although I do think about it, it still depends on whether I have time for it in the future or not.

3. What benefits might you get from doing unpaid or volunteer work?

- I think I can definitely learn some hands-on experiences on these works.

- I can broaden my knowledge in many other fields when I do volunteer jobs.

- It is a good way to make new friends and widen my social cycle, I believe.

- I can learn different languages and understand various countries’ cultures when I work with people from other countries.

- Sometimes, working unpaid work can provide some unpredictable career opportunities for us.

4. Is it common to do unpaid work in your country?

- I think it is common since doing such unpaid work in poor countries would be a comparative advantage for the young when applying for a job in the future.

- There has been an ongoing trend of many youngsters deciding to spend their time doing voluntary work.

- I don’t think so. When young people do have some free time, they tend to enjoy it with their friends or to spend it doing sports and other leisure activities.

- There are many volunteer projects for students in my country so I think many students are doing unpaid jobs or volunteer work.

- I believe that the young in my country are interested in volunteer jobs but they are somehow too busy with their schedule to do it.

5. What are your career plans for the future?

- I want to be an CEO in the future so I’m try my best to learn leadership and time management skills.

- I’m nurturing a dream to be the spokesman of an international organisation. But first, I need to improve my language skills and broaden my social cycle.

- I hope that I can be an idol. And, I will definitely a beautiful and kind celeb who usually do volunteer work to help other people.

- I don’t have a clear plan but I absolutely hope that I can make it big in the future. Maybe I will send part of my income to donate for societal projects.

- Honestly, I still vague about my future plan. I currently taking part in an oriented projects for students with the desire to find strengths and a suitable direction for myself.


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