Từ vựng hay nhất chủ đề kết hôn (kết hôn với người nước ngoài)

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Từ vựng hay nhất chủ đề kết hôn (kết hôn với người nước ngoài)


● binational couples (noun phrase) /ˈbainæʃnəl ˈkʌplz/ những cặp đôi trong đó hai người không phải là người cùng một nước couples in which two people come from two different countries or cultures

● suffer from culture shock (verb phrase) /ˈkʌlʧə ʃɒk/ bị sốc văn hóa to be badly affected by a feeling of being confused and worried that somebody may get when they visit another country or experience a different way of life or set of attitudes, because the experience is so different from what they are used to

● family disapproval (noun phrase) /ˈfæmɪli ˌdɪsəˈpruːvəl/ sự phản đối từ phía gia đình a feeling from your family that they do not like an idea, an action or your behaviour because they think it is bad, not suitable or going to have a bad effect on you 

● (marriage) end in divorce (verb phrase) /ɛnd ɪn dɪˈvɔːs/ (hôn nhân) chấm dứt trong sự ly hôn If a marriage ends in divorce, the couple gets divorced with each going their own ways.

● marriage certificate (noun phrase) /ˈmærɪdʒ sətɪfɪkət/ chứng nhận kết hôn a legal document that proves two people are married

● run the risk of (idiom) /rʌn ðə rɪsk ɒv/ chịu rủi ro… to be or put yourself in a situation in which something bad could happen to you

● tied the knot (idiom) /taɪ ðə nɒt/ cưới to get married







Do you know someone who gets married to a foreigner?

● It’s none other than my cousin who fell in love at first sight with a Chinese and they tied the knot five years ago.

● My next-door neighbors are a binational couple. They have just got engaged, and haven't got married yet. Their marriage takes place in the next two months.

What is the advantage of getting married to a foreigner?

● If you get married to a foreigner, you will have more opportunities to travel to his or her countries to experience something new and revitalize your boring everyday life.

● Binational couples’ children tend to be more good-looking and more intelligent than normal couples’. What is more, they are likely to possess a bilingual brain from birth.

What about the drawbacks of a marriage with a foreigner?

● A person, especially women, runs the risk of suffering from culture shock as she has to live with her husband in his own homeland.

● The difference of languages between the two countries from which each person of a couple comes is also a drawback that causes many big troubles.

What should a person do to solve these problems?

● He or she has to ask her or his partner to learn more about basic and important etiquettes, so that he or she can gradually adapt to this entirely new environment. 

● As for language problems, he or she will also have to try to get involved in as many conversations as possible to enhance his or her language ability.

Why do binational couples exist?

● Many people make a beautiful couple with foreigners when they travel abroad for educational or business purposes. 

● That the development of the Internet has connected people from all over the world has allowed us to couple up with who we love, regardless of where they live.

In a binational marriage, who will have to suffer more disadvantages?

● It must be women, because they will often feel so sad with a certain wistful nostalgia in a strange place. Many couples’ marriages ended in divorce for this reason.

● Women, without a doubt! They have to move into a new surrounding and she might have to struggle to adapt to a new life with a new language and peculiar social norms.

Do binational couples face any disapproval from their families?

● Of course, many parents don’t allow their offspring to marry a foreigner because of the cumbersome legal procedure of applying for a marriage certificate.

● Many parents can’t bear the thought that they won’t be able to meet their offspring regularly, so they persistently annul such marriages.

Will you choose to get married to a foreigner?

● I won’t. I’m really afraid of family disapproval against this kind of marriage and therefore, I prefer to marry a person of the same nationality.

● I’m not sure I can overcome difficulties that are awaiting binational couples, so I hope that I won’t fall in love with a foreigner, but no one can foretell the future, right?



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