Từ vựng Tiếng Anh chủ đề ô nhiễm nước (water pollution)

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  • Ngày đăng 13/ 08/ 2022

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Từ vựng Tiếng Anh chủ đề ô nhiễm nước (water pollution)

  1. water pollution (noun) /ˈwɔː.tər pəˈluː.ʃən/: ô nhiễm nước - the contamination of water bodies, usually as a result of human activities 

  2. dirty (adjective) /ˈdɜː.ti/: dơ bẩn - marked with dirt, mud, etc., or containing something such as pollution or bacteria 

  3. waste (noun) /weɪst/: rác thải - unwanted matter or material of any type, especially what is left after useful substances or parts have been removed 

  4. contaminate (verb) /kənˈtæm.ɪ.neɪt/: gây ô nhiễm - to make something less pure or make it poisonous 

  5. sewage (noun) /ˈsuː.ɪdʒ/: chất thải dạng lỏng - waste matter such as water or human urine or solid waste

  6. clean (adjective) /kliːn/: sạch sẽ, trong lành - free from any dirty marks, pollution, bacteria, etc.

  7. pollute (verb) /pəˈluːt/: làm ô nhiễm - to make an area or substance, usually air, water, or soil, dirty or harmful to people, animals, and plants, especially by adding harmful chemicals

  8. dump (verb) /dʌmp/: đổ bỏ - to get rid of something unwanted, especially by leaving it in a place where it is not allowed to be

  9. pollute + sth with + sth: làm ô nhiễm thứ gì bằng thứ gì khác. Ex: People pollute the water with trash.
  10. keep + sth + adj: làm cho thứ gì như thế nào. Ex: We must keep the water clean




Sample answers

  1. Is water pollution a serious problem in your country?

  • Yes, the water in my country is very dirty. If you go there, you could see some rivers have their dead fish floating on the surface of the water which is quite disgusting

  • No, I don’t think it’s a serious problem. Actually citizens in my country is really environmentally conscious, they will not throw trash anywhere but they would prefer to find a bin just to put it in that. I'm really proud of it.

  1. What makes water polluted?

  • It’s the waste from houses and factories. I listened and watched from many radio news and newspaper that every year, there are tons of trash throwing to the water. I wish this situation could reduce.

  • The water’s contaminated because of sewage. You know, every family has tons of sewages each year, and the factory still don't have any solution to completely solve the problem. This would lead to water pollution very easily

  1. How can we make water less polluted?

  • We must not dump waste into the water. And if I am riding on the street, it would be better to keep the trash until found out one pin to throw it there.

  • We must keep the water clean.

  1. What problems are caused by water pollution?

  • If we use this water, we will feel sick. Sometimes, it could be dangerous to the extent where I can be hospitalized.

  • Polluted water will make the fish die.

  1. Is water important to us?

  • Yes, it is because we drink it everyday. I have to say that, people will die if water disappear from our planet

  • No, water is not important in my opinion.


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